UBtoGO Introduction

A staff wellbeing initiative – from lockdown to hope

We have spent this lockdown waiting. Waiting and worried for our people. We exhausted all savings, we tried with repetitive desperation to access relief funds, we froze online platforms, pleaded with suppliers to give us time to pay their outstanding bills from a very busy season gone past, and then we waited some more.

Our suppliers have been incredible in waiting with us and for allowing us time, understanding and kindness to do so and until we could start operating again. Our landlord stood by us when we approached him for relief and said it would be unethical for him to charge us rental while we are unable to seat and serve guests, and so he gave us hope and a much needed lifeline. As days turned to weeks, customers and friends pulled in and bought vouchers, started donating
to staff welfare funds and wine farms came up with innovative schemes to save our small businesses. Hope started to come back.

We then thought long and hard of how we can physically help our business and our people to survive not only financially but also emotionally. How can we ensure our staff get through this time and maintain their mental health when we are at a point of uncertainty so overwhelming that there is just no plan. It is widely publicised that prior thriving businesses have had to close down without saying goodbye to their guests or staff. We see restaurants and other small businesses we frequented over the years, disappear as bank accounts run empty while the bills pile up and strict lockdown regulations remain in place.

When our South African staff requested that half of their UIF pay to go towards their foreign colleagues who have to date received no relief from UIF, we knew we could wait no more. We changed our approach and our minds about what hospitality truly means to us.

So it is with pleasure, immense pride and hope that we bring you UBtoGO.

A legitimate, safe way to get our staff back on their feet, get our customers their UB fix and ensure we can provide future employment to our people. All profits will go to our team and their families. We endeavour to keep UBtoGO running alongside Upper Bloem Restaurant in the future and the initiative and focus will remain the same.

Family first – that means not only your own, but the ones you chose as well.

We hope you will enjoy our Menu 1 (of many)

Stay safe and be kind
Mari, Henry, André and team UB

Order from the Upper Bloem kitchen
to enjoy in the comfort of your home

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Coming Soon